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KNT-SThM-2an-5 Box of 5 AFM Probes
2450.00 USD
Product availability: KELVIN Nanotechnology is currently unable to supply probes due to production problems.


Scanning thermal microscopy probe

Manufacturer: KELVIN Nanotechnology

Coating: none
AFM tip shape: Custom
AFM Cantilever
C 0.4 N/m
L 150 µm
*nominal values
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The new KNT-SThM-2an Scanning Thermal Microscopy probes, based on the existing KNT product KNT-SThM-1an, feature a standard probe base size and a structurally compensated cantilever to give flatter cantilevers and minimise temperature induced cantilever bending. They address a fundamental limitation of soft silicon nitride SThM probes: the thermal bending of the cantilevers when approaching hot surfaces, which ultimately causes the optical feedback to fail. The probes are able to stay in contact with hotter surfaces, expanding the range of measurements and samples that can be employed.

Key Benefits:

• Structurally compensated flat cantilevers.
• High resolution thermal imaging at elevated cantilever temperatures.
• Characterisation of polymer layers, semiconductor & electrical devices, biological samples, and thin films.
• Provided on unmounted support chips 

Key Specifications

Kelvin Nanotechnology provides batch fabricated thermal probes which provide better than 100 nm resolution for both the topography and thermal images. The cantilever is made of SiN with a thin metal wire deposited such that the highest resistance portion of the wire is near the apex of the tip.

Electrical/thermal specifications:

• Max Temperature: 200 deg C 
• Tip Resistance: 275 – 425Ω (Typ 325Ω)
• Sensitivity: ~ 1Ω / deg C
• Series resistors (optional): 2 × 100 Ω (± 25 Ω)
• Current Max (DC): 2.5 mA (recommended)


Resistive Tip Coating of 5nm NiCr and 40nm Pd. Tip side track and pad coating of 5nm NiCr + 145nm Au
AFM Tip:

  • AFM Cantilever:
  • Beam
  • 0.4 N/m
  • 150 µm
  • 120 µm
  • 0.35 µm
  • * typical range