News » NanoAndMore Introduces New Calibration Standard for AFM Probes - the TipCheck from BudgetSensors®

June 26, 2006

NanoAndMore USA Corp. announces the launch of a new calibration standard the TipCheck.

The TipCheck is a SPM sample for fast and convenient determination of the AFM tip condition, offering a fast and easy way to compare and categorize different AFM probes with respect to tip apex shape and sharpness.

It consists of an extremely wear-resistant thin film coating that is deposited on a silicon chip. This thin film coating shows a granular, sharply peaked nanostructure which makes it ideal for reversely imaging an AFM probe’s tip apex.

This product also works perfectly with Auto Tip Qualification and Tip Characterization software that is available on the market.

More information on BudgetSensors’ calibration standard TipCheck is available here.