News » MikroMasch USA Now Operated by NanoAndMore USA Corp.

Lady’s Island SC - November 14th 2012
Starting from Nov 15th 2012, MikroMasch™ with their vastly improved HQ-Line of AFM probes will be available from NanoAndMore USA Corp.

Furthermore, NanoAndMore USA Corp. will operate MikroMasch USA, will answer the existing emails, phone and fax lines for customers of MikroMasch USA and will keep a large stock of any available MikroMasch product for overnight delivery, if necessary.

With this arrangement NanoAndMore USA Corp. has added one more manufacturer's AFM probes to its most comprehensive inventory of AFM probes in the USA.

“We want to expand our product range to cover all requests of the market. For customers who operate on a tight budget or who are simply looking for a good working horse everyday probe and don’t necessarily need that additional scientific edge have just as much choice as customers interested in the highest quality research grade AFM probes. MikroMasch AFM probes are a well-established source of educational probes in the market and provide an interesting addition to our scope of offered products”, said George McMurtry, CEO of NanoAndMore USA Corp.

“We intend to keep a large stock of MikroMasch AFM probes at our company on Lady's Island in order to be able to offer overnight delivery if needed”, McMurtry added.