News » NANOSENSORS™ introduces new uniqprobe series - uniform quality SPM probes for biological applications

Lady’s Island SC - December 9th 2013

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NanoAndMore USA announced today that four types of a completely new SPM (Scanning Probe Microscopy) probe series with unsurpassed uniformity of cantilever force constant and resonance frequency range manufactured by NANOSENSORS will become available today.

NANOSENSORS™ Nanoink® compatible Silicon Nitride ArraysSEM image of an uniqprobe cantilever.

The new NANOSENSORS probe series is called uniqprobe and combines the well-known features of the other NANOSENSORS AFM probe such as high application versatility and compatibility with most commercial SPMs with the additional advantage of a strongly reduced dispersion of force constant and resonance frequency.

The outstanding uniformity of the mechanical characteristics of the uniqprobe series is particularly important for applications where a large number of probes with known and near identical force constants or resonance frequencies are needed. The cantilevers of the uniqprobe series are especially adapted for molecular biology, biophysics and quantitative nano-mechanical studies as well as general purpose applications.


NANOSENSORS™ Nanoink® compatible Silicon Nitride ArraysThe reflective gold coating of the uniqprobe covers only the free end of the cantilever.

Another special feature of the uniqprobe series is the partial cantilever coating. The reflex gold coating of the uniqprobe series covers only the free end of the cantilever above where the tip is located. In contrast to conventionally coated SPM probes that employ a metal coating over the entire cantilever, the coating of the uniqprobe has the benefits of leading to stress free cantilevers with considerably less bending and reduced drift especially for measurements in liquid environments.

Four different types of the new uniqprobe series are now commercially available:

Two types with low force constants (0.1N/m for the qp-CONT type and 0.01N/m for the qp-SCONT type) are dedicated to contact mode applications in air or liquid. The very low force constants offer the possibility of contact mode measurements on soft biological samples.

The BioAC type (qp-BioAC) features three rectangular cantilevers with different geometries. This multi-lever probe combines fairly high resonance frequencies with low force constants and is designed for various applications in air or liquid environments for mainly dynamic mode AFM.

The BioT uniqprobe type (qp-BioT) has two different triangular shaped cantilevers and offers an alternative to silicon nitride probes for measurements in contact mode or dynamic mode AFM.

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