News » NanoAndMore USA announces introduction of NANOSENSORS™ Carbon Nanotube SPM probes

Lady's Island, South Carolina - December 15th, 2008

NanoAndMore USA today announced the introduction of NANOSENSORS™'s Single/Double Wall Carbon Nanotube SPM probes to its scope of products.

Carbon Nanotube AFM Probes

NANOSENSORS Single/Double Wall Carbon Nanotube SPM probes are designed for high resolution measurements of nanometer-sized features.

The Single or Double Walled Carbon nanotubes are grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition and are ready to use, no shortening or post processing is necessary.

The average diameters of NANOSENSORSCarbon Nanotubes probes are between 1.2nm for single wall CNTs and 2.4 nm for double wall CNTs.

Their extreme aspect ratio and excellent wear-out behaviour make them the probes with the highest resolution capabilities in the NANOSENSORS product range.

Due to their elastic properties Single / Double Wall CNTs are dedicated for the use on soft matter as well as on hard surfaces in Tapping Mode or Non-Contact Mode operations in air or vacuum.

However, due to the same elastic properties Single / Double Wall CNT probes are not suitable for measuring high aspect ratio features like very narrow and deep trenches or contact holes and should only be used by the experienced AFM user.

They are expert probes that require special care to enable the user to profit from their unique properties and achieve good results.

For further information please have a look at the flyer "How to use a Single/Double Wall Carbon Nanotube AFM Probe" that also will be delivered with every package of NANOSENSORS™ CNT Probes.

The NANOSENSORSCNT Probes will be available in package sizes of two and of five probes: