Founded in 2005, NanoAndMore USA is based on the successful one-stop AFM probe shop concept that had already been proven in the European market by NanoAndMore GmbH.

Available AFM probe brands include the budget conscious BudgetSensors, MikroMasch® and OPUS lines, the premier NanoWorld™, NANOSENSORS™ and nanotoolscantilevers and other brands. Functionalized AFM tips, colloidal AFM probes and other special probes like plateau tips are available upon request.

NanoAndMore also offers a range of premounted probes for Quesant instruments and older Park Scientific instruments.

Our tips fit all common AFM instruments from manufactures like Agilent/Keysight, AIST-NT, Ambios, Asylum, attocube, Bruker, DI, Hitachi Hightech Science, JPK, Molecular Imaging, Nanonics, NanoSurf, Nanotec Electronica, Novascan, NT-MDT, Pacific Nanotech, Park Systems, Seiko, Quesant, S.I.S, Veeco, WITec etc.

Take advantage of independent expert advice, free samples of selected probes, best price and prompt delivery from the largest overnight delivery stock in your region!


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