NanoAndMore GmbH was founded 2002 with the objective to supply the SPM community in the best possible way with a wide range of consumer goods from SPM probes, calibration standards, substrates to coating material, and more.

As an independent company our mission is to enable our customers to choose from a broad variety of products, brands and manufacturers the SPM probe suitable for their needs. Since 1991 we have experience in this market, nobody else has more insight into in the world of SPM probes.

As of January 1st 2005 NanoWorld Holding AG acquired 100% of the NanoAndMore GmbH.

Our products are optimized for research, development, and process control applications when visualization, modification, and measurement of nanometer-sized surface structure is critical.

Our first aim is to pursue the idea of bringing new developments in the field of measurement instrumentation to the laboratories in scientific research and industry, and on customer demand.



NanoAndMore Europe applies the ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification:

Currently we offer brands such as:

  • BioForce NanoScience
  • NanoWorld
  • BudgetSensors
  • Nanotools
  • KELVIN Nanotechnology
  • MikroMasch
  • OPUS
  • SmartTp
  • sQube
  • Team Nanotec

We will continue to extend our product scope.


AEO Certificate - DE AEOF 117288

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