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NanoWorld® Pyrex-Nitride AFM Probes (PNP)

Product screencast on NanoWorld Pyrex-Nitride AFM probes (PNP) given by Head of product development Mathieu Burri.
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AFM probes / AFM calibration gratings related to this screencast:

  • PNP-DB
    Silicon Nitride AFM Probe
  • PNP-TR
    Silicon Nitride AFM Probe
  • PNP-TR-Au

    Gold Coated Silicon Nitride AFM Probe

    Tipless Silicon Nitride AFM Cantilever
  • PNP-TR-TL-Au
    Tipless, Gold Coated Silicon Nitride AFM Cantilever

    Silicon Nitride AFM Probe Single Cantilever Compatible with ScanAsyst®** Mode

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