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Welcome to NanoAndMore your number one source for the major brands of AFM cantilevers , calibration gratings, and other products for Nanotechnology.


NanoAndMore's mission is to enable our customers to choose from a broad variety of product, brands and manufacturers the AFM tip that exactly fits their needs.

Available AFM probe brands include the budget conscious BudgetSensors and MikroMasch lines, the premier NanoWorld™, NANOSENSORS™ and nanotoolscantilevers and other brands. Functionalized AFM tips. Colloidal AFM probes and other special probes like plateau tips are available upon request.

NanoAndMore also offers a range of premounted probes for Quesant instruments and older Park Scientific instruments.

AFM Tips, Probes, Cantilevers

Our tips fit all common AFM instruments from manufactures like Agilent, AIST-NT, Ambios, Asylum, attocube, Bruker, DI, JPK, Molecular Imaging, Nanonics, NanoSurf, Nanotec Electronica, Novascan, NT-MDT, Pacific Nanotech, Park Systems, Quesant, RIBM, S.I.S, Veeco, WITec etc.

Take advantage of independent expert advice, free samples of selected probes, best price and prompt delivery from the largest overnight delivery stock in your region!

More Products for SPM

NanoAndMore will be adding additional surface analysis products and will gladly discuss distribution of such products with the manufacturers. Anything except SPMs will be considered.


NANOSENSORS™ NANOSENSORS™ AFM tips with their superior quality and sophisticated design are produced for the high quality segment of the market for scanning probes for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).
The probes are especially interesting for scientists at universities and research institutions.

NanoWorld™ The AFM tips of NanoWorld™ are produced for the mid range segment market for scanning probes for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).
The probes are customized for industrial applications and the mass market.

BudgetSensors® BudgetSensors™ manufactures and sells AFM probes and accessories following the motto "Quality meets Price".

MikroMasch™MikroMasch™  is a well known manufacturer of inexpensive AFM probes and test gratings. We are pleased to announce the fully upgraded HQ: Line (High Quality Line) of MikroMasch AFM probes and calibration gratings, which is now available through NanoAndMore.

NanoTools® NanoTools® - Supplier of durable, high end AFM probes: nanotools™ utilizes its patented, fully automated EBD process to create consistently uniform high density carbon (HDC) tips of almost any desired geometry and functionality. These probes are the solution for longer tip lifetime, fewer tip changes and precise measurements.

The nanotools™ product line offers a thorough selection of probes, including high resolution (2 nm ROC), tilt compensated high aspect ratio (AR 1:20), and CD probes ("undercut").

Because of their high wear resistance and versatility nanotools™ AFM probes are a standard for automated, inline AFM systems in the industry as well as for challenging research applications for over 10 years.

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