NanoAndMore Introducing OPUS™ AFM Tips, featuring Tip Visibility

December 1st, 2015

NanoAndMore announces the introduction of a new line of AFM tips – OPUS™ by MikroMasch®

MikroMasch Europe Now Operated by NanoAndMore GmbH

Wetzlar, Germany - November 14th, 2012
Starting from Nov 15th 2012, MikroMasch™ with their vastly improved HQ-Line of AFM probes will be available from NanoAndMore GmbH.

NanoAndMore GmbH Supporting Research

Wetzlar, Germany - October 21th, 2011

NanoAndMore GmbH now sole source for original Veeco probes!

Wetzlar, Germany, July 27, 2007

NanoAndMore GmbH today announced that it has become the sole source for the original Veeco probes in the Europe.

NanoAndMore GmbH announces introduction of NANOSENSORS™ next generation XY-Alignment AFM probes - easy tip exchange without laser repositioning

June 20, 2007

NanoAndMore GmbH today announced the introduction of NANOSENSORS™’s new PointProbe® Plus XY-Alignment Series

NanoAndMore introduces new MFM probes by BudgetSensors®

May 15, 2007

NanoAndMore GmbH announces the introduction of BudgetSensors’ Magnetic AFM probe Multi75M.

NANOSENSORS™ new Silicon MFM Probe Series now available

April 20, 2007

NanoAndMore GmbH introduces the latest developments of NANOSENSORS™ - a full line of various MFM probes.

Premounted AFM probes for Quesant AFM systems now available from stock

March 8, 2006

NanoAndMore announced today that a wide range of premounted AFM probes for Quesant AFM systems is now available from stock.

NANOSENSORS™ Q30K-Plus Silicon AFM probes for UHV applications now available

Neuchâtel, January 27, 2006

The new NANOSENSORSQ30K-Plus AFM tip with a very high Q-factor and an enhanced signal to noise ratio for UHV applications was introduced today.

BudgetSensors® introduces Gold coated AFM probes - the BS-Gold Series

January 16th, 2006

BudgetSensors® announces the launch of a new product type – the BS-Gold Series

BudgetSensors® Launches a Mixed AFM Probes Box - The BudgetComboBox

December 20th, 2005

BudgetSensors® announces the launch of a new product type – the BudgetComboBox.

BudgetSensors® introduces Silicon Nitride AFM probes

January 2005

BudgetSensors® introduces a new Silicon Nitride AFM probe for soft contact mode measurements (Order Code BS-SiNi), which is also perfectly suitable for biological applications.

NanoWorld Holding AG acquires NanoAndMore GmbH

January 7th, 2005,
Schaffhausen/Switzerland, - Wetzlar/Germany

As of January 1st 2005 NanoWorld Holding AG acquired 100% of the German based NanoAndMore GmbH

BudgetSensors® introduces conductive AFM probes

July 6th, 2004

BudgetSensors® introduces high quality conductive AFM probes, covered with a 30 nm Chromium/Platinum coating on both sides of the cantilever.