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Mounted on 12mm round metal plate
260.00 USD
Unmounted (chip only, no plate)
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XYZ Calibration Grating, 500nm Step Height, 5µm and 10µm Pitch

Product Description

Calibration gratings from the TGXYZ series are arrays of different structures comprising rectangular SiO2 steps on a Si wafer. The small square in the center with dimensions 500µm by 500µm includes circular pillars and holes, as well as lines in the X- and Y- direction with a pitch of 5µm. The large square with dimensions 1mm by 1mm contains square pillars and holes with a pitch of 10µm.

The step height value is calibrated over the whole active area. The actual step height, indicated on the individual unit label, may differ slightly from the nominal value.

  • step height 500nm, accuracy 3%
  • array pitch 5 and 10µm, accuracy 0.1µm
  • active area 1x1mm
  • chip dimensions 5x5x0.3mm
  • available mounted on a 12mm metal plate (TGXYZ03) or unmounted (TGXYZ03/NM)
  • versions of the same grating with step height 20nm (TGXYZ01) and 100nm (TGXYZ02) also available

Click here for more information and schematics.


The TGXYZ calibration gratings are intended for vertical and lateral calibration of SPM scanners. One can compensate for vertical non-linearity by using several calibration gratings with different nominal step heights.

For accurate quantification of images of calibration gratings from the TGXYZ series, one can use the calibration option in the Scanning Probe Image Processor (SPIP) designed by Image Metrology.