Links to AFM Probes Manufacturers

About Crest Technologies:


Crest Technology is a leading edge technology research and industrial products distributor in the South East Asia region.

Our team represents several leading companies in the areas of scientific, semiconductor, data storage and life-sciences and biomedical industries.


AFM Probes Manufacturers:

We are the sole source offering all major AFM probe brands, if necessary overnight. In addition to AFM tips and cantilevers, NanoAndMore offers different kinds of scanning probe microscopy and nanotechnology related equipment.


NANOSENSORS™ - In 1990 NANOSENSORS™ was the first company to commercially manufacture AFM probes. NANOSENSORS™ still is the worldwide technology leader, providing the most consistent AFM probes quality, thereby ensuring the most reproducible measurement results for its customers.

NANOSENSORS™ offers the widest selection of high quality standard and specialized AFM probes, as well as calibration standards and alignment chips for scanning probe microscopy.



NanoWorld™ - Switzerland based NanoWorld AG is a leading manufacturer of silicon and silicon nitride AFM probes and calibration standards for various nanoscience and nanotechnology applications.
NanoWorld AG’s wide range of high quality AFM probes is used by researchers in the fields of materials research, biology, chemistry, life sciences and many other disciplines.



BudgetSensors® - BudgetSensors is supplying the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) community with reasonably priced, high-quality AFM probes.


MikroMasch Logo

MikroMasch® is a well-known manufacturer of inexpensive AFM probes, test gratings and HOPGs. Their standard line of AFM probes is the HQ: Line (High Quality Line).

MikroMasch® specialty products include 1nm carbon spike tips for high-resolution imaging (the Hi’ResC line).

Opus Logo

OPUS™ is a separate AFM probes line by MikroMasch® featuring a special tip shape.

OPUS™ AFM tips are located exactly at the end of the cantilever, which allows exact positioning of the tip apex over the region of interest on the sample surface.



nanotools® - Supplier of durable, high end AFM probes: nanotools™ utilizes its patented, fully automated EBD process to create consistently uniform high density carbon (HDC) tips of almost any desired geometry and functionality. These probes are the solution for longer tip lifetime, fewer tip changes and precise measurements.

The nanotools™ product line offers a thorough selection of probes, including high resolution (2 nm ROC), tilt compensated high aspect ratio (AR 1:20), and CD probes ("undercut").

Because of their high wear resistance and versatility nanotools™ AFM probes are a standard for automated, inline AFM systems in the industry as well as for challenging research applications for over 10 years.