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PtSi-CONT-10 Box of 10 AFM Probes
1759.00 USD
PtSi-CONT-20 Box of 20 AFM Probes
3148.00 USD
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PtSi-CONT-50 Box of 50 AFM Probes
6945.00 USD
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Electrical, Contact Mode AFM Probes

Manufacturer: NANOSENSORS

Coating: Platinum Silicide Overall
AFM tip shape: Standard
AFM Cantilever
F 13 kHz
C 0.2 N/m
L 450 µm
*nominal values
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NANOSENSORS PtSi-CONT are designed for contact mode (repulsive mode) AFM imaging. Furthermore this probe can be used for force-distance spectroscopy or pulsed force mode (PFM). The CONT type is optimized for high sensitivity due a low force constant. For applications that require a wear resistant and electrically conductive AFM tip we recommend this type. NANOSENSORS PtSi-CONT are suitable for C-AFM, Tunneling AFM (TUNA) and Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM).

This AFM probe offers unique features:

  • platinum silicide coating with excellent conductivity and good wear-out behaviour
  • chemically inert
  • high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity

This AFM probe features alignment grooves on the back side of the holder chip.

Platinum silicide on both sides of the AFM cantilever.
AFM Tip:

  • AFM Cantilever:
  • Beam
  • 0.2 N/m (0.02 - 0.77 N/m)*
  • 13 kHz (6 - 21 kHz)*
  • 450 µm (440 - 460 µm)*
  • 50 µm (42.5 - 57.5 µm)*
  • 2 µm ( 1 - 3 µm)*
  • * guaranteed range