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NANOSENSORS™ Special Developments List (SDL)

Special AFM Probes etc. Showcasing NANOSENSORS™ Expertise

Product Description

About the NANOSENSORS™ Special Developments List (SDL)

The NANOSENSORS™ Special Developments List (SDL) is an impressive display of NANOSENSORS™’ - the worldwide technology leader in AFM probes- capacity and ability to produce novel, custom and experimental AFM probes, SPM Probes and other MEMS products.

Since their foundation in 1990, our partners from NANOSENSORS™ have developed most of the technologies that have dominated the AFM tips market until present date.

Their dedicated R&D team continues working on the development of new types of AFM probes and on the further development existing AFM probe technologies.

Because not all of the AFM tip developments that result in novel and innovative AFM probes make and technologies it into the standard list of NANOSENSORS™ products, the so-called NANOSENSORS™ Special Developments  List (SDL) has been created by NANOSENSORS™.

This list makes some of NANOSENSORS™’ AFM probes developments available to AFM users who are working on advanced non-standard AFM applications and require special non-standard AFM probes for their application.

These extraordinary AFM probes are only available from NANOSENSORS™ and NanoAndMore is proud to be able to give you access to these absolutely unique products!

Full list of NANOSENSORS™ Special Developments List (SDL) Products

To view the full list, either download the PDF from the box on this page, or visit the NANOSENSORS™ website

How to order products from the NANOSENSORS™ Special Developments List (SDL)

Please be aware that all these Special Developments are not standard products.

Therefore, specifications are not guaranteed and may change, datasheets may not be available, price may change, delivery time could be longer than usual and subsequent delivery may not be possible.

Price and delivery time on request.