Original and unaltered OLYMPUS AFM probes

Original and unaltered OLYMPUS*** AFM probes, packaged and labeled by OLYMPUS*** in Japan! THE REAL DEAL!

OLYMPUS*** have discontinued all their OLYMPUS*** Micro Cantilever AFM probes,   meaning that OLYMPUS*** announced in September 2022 that no further production of OLYMPUS*** AFM probes is taking place.
OLYMPUS*** Corporation have remaining stock of some of the popular OLYMPUS*** Micro Cantilever AFM probe models  and they have entrusted NanoAndMore Japan as partners with the resale and distribution of the remaining stock of original OLYMPUS*** AFM Probes to customers. Supply as long as stock lasts!

Important to know:

  • The OLYMPUS*** AFM probes sold in this section are the REAL and ORIGINAL, unopened OLYMPUS*** Micro Cantilever AFM probes boxes, originating directly from Japan – THE REAL DEAL!
  • The OLYMPUS*** AFM probes sold by NanoAndMore have neither been repacked, nor relabeled, nor post processed, nor altered in any way – they are THE REAL DEAL!
  • Supply as long as stock lasts.

Original Olympus*** AFM probes packaging

For your reference, this is how Olympus*** AFM probes boxes look like in their original packaging, when they arrive from Japan.

Olympus AFM probes outer package
Olympus AFM probes box in ESD safe pouch
Olympus AFM probes box of 100pcs
Olympus AFM probes package unboxed

How do I check whether I have real and original OLYMPUS*** Micro Cantilever AFM Probes on my table?

  1. Original OLYMPUS*** AFM probes are only offered by OLYMPUS*** corporation in package sizes of 18, 24 and 100 AFM probes, depending on AFM probe model! (see pictures)
  2. Original OLYMPUS*** AFM probes are only offered by OLYMPUS*** in very special and specific, easily recognizable antistatic gel boxes (see pictures)
  3. Original OLYMPUS*** AFM probes boxes feature an original, Japanese OLYMPUS*** label.
  4. The Japanese label by OLYMPUS*** features a traditional Japanese hanko – a quality control stamp used by the OLYMPUS*** quality inspection team
  5. Under the gel sheet, original OLYMPUS*** AFM probes boxes feature the OLYMPUS*** logo and a grid.

Original, unaltered OLYMPUS*** AFM probes box.

What do I get and what to expect from NanoAndMore:

  • NanoAndMore is proudly reselling the original OLYMPUS*** Micro Cantilever AFM probes in the same way as we are proudly reselling the original AFM Probes from NANOSENSORS™, NanoWorld®, nanotools®, BudgetSensors®, MikroMasch®, OPUS™ and all other brands we are offering.
  • This is NOT an OEM or rebranding situation, usually offered by other companies.

Why is this important:

  • Because additional handling and separation steps on AFM probes, especially when done in inappropriate non-cleanroom environment, not by especially trained and experienced staff, by placing the AFM probes into low cost and cheap, non-antistatic plastic boxes, never ever has improved any AFM probe!
  • The original OLYMPUS*** AFM probes distributed by NanoAndMore, as well as all other brands of AFM probes offered by NanoAndMore, have of course never been repacked, relabeled, post-processed and have not been altered in any way – again as always, THE REAL DEAL!
  • The original OLYMPUS*** AFM Probes offered by NanoAndMore come as they are from OLYMPUS*** Corporation Japan in the original OLYMPUS*** AFM probe packaging, with the original OLYMPUS*** AFM probe label and final inspection and outgoing control done by OLYMPUS*** Corporation in Japan.
  • The original OLYMPUS*** label features the red hanko stamp by the inspecting individual by OLYMPUS***! – THE REAL DEAL!
  • Supply as long as stock lasts – we will keep our customers updated about the supply situation as it develops.
  • NanoAndMore is going to consult and help customers finding the perfect replacement AFM Probe for their needs and applications once OLYMPUS*** stock is coming to an end.

About OLYMPUS*** and OLYMPUS*** AFM Probes:

As one of the main suppliers of AFM and SPM probes since the 1990s, OLYMPUS*** Corporation has manufactured high-precision AFM cantilevers using microfabrication and semiconductor processes.

Currently, silicon AFM cantilevers for dynamic mode (AC mode), which are designed for ease of use as well as high accuracy, are being offered. All packages contain pre-separated AFM probes packaged in easy-to-use, high-quality anti-static plastic boxes filled with gel for adhesion purposes. In addition, OLYMPUS*** offers a lineup of AFM cantilevers with five different spring constants dedicated to different AFM applications.

The OLYMPUS*** support chip features a rectangular cross-section with vertical sidewalls. For this reason, compared to conventional support chips, the ease of picking up with tweezers has been greatly improved. Using tweezers, remove the chip from the case and mount it into your AFM. The shape of the body chip can help to greatly reduce the occurrence of chipping of silicon when pinching the fragile silicon chips with tweezers too hard.

Silicon OLYMPUS*** AFM Probes have a Tip-View structure in which the AFM tip is formed at the end of the AFM cantilever. The tip of the AFM probe is located at the free end of the cantilever. When the sample and the AFM microcantilever are optically observed with an optical microscope while mounted in the AFM or SPM, the position of the AFM probe on the sample can be observed. Therefore, you can easily align the AFM probe to the area of interest on your investigated sample.

The tetrahedral shape adopted for the OMCL-AC series AFM probe theoretically terminates at one point at the AFM tip and can form a stably sharp AFM probe. In addition, the sharpened AFM tip, which has undergone OLYMPUS***' unique sharpening process, enables high-resolution AFM measurements.

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