AFM Probe Catalog

Non-Contact / Tapping Mode AFM Probes
General dynamic mode measurements
Force Modulation (FM) AFM Probes
Multi-functional probes
Contact Mode AFM Probes
General static mode measurements
AFM Probes for Life Science
Biological applications
Ultra High Frequency AFM Probes
High speed measurements
Conductive AFM Probes
Electrical characterization (EFM, SSRM, TUNA, etc.)
Magnetic AFM Probes
Magnetic force microscopy (MFM)
Supersharp AFM Probes
Enhanced / atomic resolution measurements
Diamond AFM Probes
The ultimate in hardness
Hardened / Enhanced Wear Resistance AFM Probes
Long scanning, hard samples
Nanoindentation and Lithography AFM Probes
Mechanical properties and sample modification
High Aspect Ratio (HAR) AFM Probes
Deep trench measurements
ScanAsyst ®** PeakForce Tapping™** AFM Probes
ScanAsyst® compatible probes
Silicon Nitride AFM Probes
Soft samples in air and liquid
Lateral Force Microscopy (LFM) AFM Probes
Frictional force measurements
Tipless AFM Cantilevers and Cantilever Arrays
For functionalization and gluing spheres
Plateau AFM Tips
Well defined plateau geometry for nanomechanics
Colloidal AFM Probes
Various colloidal sphere-tips for nanomechanics
Self-Sensing & Self-Actuating AFM Probes
The AFM technology of tomorrow
Sphere AFM Tips
Well defined sphere geometry for nanomechanics
Functionalized / Modified / Chemical AFM Probes
Chemical force microscopy
Platinum Silicide AFM Probes
The ultimate probes for electrical characterization
Scanning Thermal Microscopy AFM Probes
Temperature and thermal conductivity measurements
Premounted AFM Probes
For Quesant / Ambios AFM systems
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