Product » TEM-GB-30-MS


EM-Tec GB-30 TEM grid storage box for 30 TEM grids

Product Description

EM-Tec GB-30 TEM grid storage box for 30 TEM standard 3.05 TEM grids. Body with 30 uniquely tree shaped compartments made from reduced static ABS covered with a clear acrylic lid which slides over the body to close the compartments. Each position is referenced by numbers and letters molded on the grid storage box. The extended lips at each end of the grid box makes the grid box the same size as a standard microscope slide. This enables the EM-Tec GB-30 TEM grid boxes to be stored in standard microscope slide boxes. The EM-Tec GB-30 are thicker than standard microscope slides and take the space of two slots in a slide storage box. Dimensions of are 76x25x6.5mm.
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