OMCL-AC160TS Replacement AFM Probes

Olympus Corp. have decided to stop producing their well-known AFM probes, also known as Olympus*** Micro Cantilevers, which have been on the market for a very long time.

For detailed information on how the different types of our AFM probes compare to the Olympus AFM probes please read our guide to OLYMPUS*** Replacement AFM Probes.

Below is a list of AFM probes that can be used as replacements for the Olympus*** OMCL-AC160TS AFM probes with nominal resonance frequency 300kHz (range 200-400kHz) and nominal force constant 26N/m (range 8.4-57N/m), also known as AC160. This AFM probe type has a 160µm long AFM cantilever beam with a triangular end. The three-sided AFM tip is at the very end of that the AFM cantilever and has a 90° end flank.

The OPUS 160AC-NA is the perfect alternative to the AC160. In form, fit and function these AFM probes are duplicates. The AFM cantilever length as well as the mechanical properties are the same. The AFM cantilever shape as well as the AFM tip shape match. This AFM probe is also available without an aluminum reflective coating or with a gold reflective coating.

The NANOSENSORS™ ATEC-NC features a three-sided protruding AFM tip at the end of the triangular AFM cantilever end that makes real tip visibility possible even when the AFM probe is mounted onto the AFM head and therefore tilted. The AFM cantilever length and overall shape are the same as with the Olympus*** AC160 AFM probe. From a mechanical parameter point of view the ATEC-NC has a slightly higher nominal resonance frequency and a stiffer AFM cantilever compared to the AC160. Due to the special AFM tip shape, the ATEC-NC AFM probes are not available with reflective coatings.

The NanoWorld® ARROW-NCR features a three-sided, slightly inclined AFM tip at the end of a triangular AFM cantilever end. The AFM cantilever length of the Arrow-NCR is identical to the AC160 from Olympus*** and the overall AFM cantilever shape is similar. The nominal resonance frequency is close to the 300kHz of the AC160 AFM probe and the stiffness is higher compared to the AC160. With the Arrow-NC there is also a version without an aluminum reflective coating.

The NANOSENSORS™ PPP-NCR is designed in a way that its 125um long AFM cantilever offers the same mechanical properties as the Olympus*** AC160 AFM probe. The AFM cantilever shape is the PointProbe® Plus typical more rectangular with a “roundish” end. The AFM tip shape is a polygon-based pyramid and is typically not at the very end of the AFM cantilever resulting in a tip setback.

The MikroMasch HQ:NSC15/Al BS and BudgetSensors Tap300Al-G AFM probes offer similar resonance frequencies to the AC160 and somewhat higher force constants. They are cost effective alternatives to the AC160 for standard tapping mode and non-contact mode measurements. The polygon-based AFM tips are positioned some micrometers away from the free end of the AFM cantilevers. Uncoated and reflective gold coated versions are optionally available for each type.

Original Olympus AC160 AFM probes were sold by Bruker Corp. under different name - OTESPA. For customers looking for the same order code and matching specifications we offer the OPUS OTESPA.

For even more AFM probes for standard tapping mode and non-contact mode please check the general AFM Probes Catalog category Non-Contact / Standard Tapping Mode AFM Probes.

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