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BL-AC40TS-C2 Box of 24 AFM Probes
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Tapping Mode AFM Probe for High-Speed Scanning in Liquids

Manufacturer: OLYMPUS

Coating: Reflective Gold
AFM tip shape: Optimized Positioning
AFM Cantilever
F 110 kHz
C 0.1 N/m
L 38 µm
*nominal values
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The OLYMPUS BL-AC40TS series AFM probes, also known as ‘BioLever mini’ with a sharp silicon AFM tip on a silicon nitride cantilever are designed for high resolution measurements in liquids for studying bio molecules, DNA strands, etc. The AFM tip has a two-layer structure with a tetrahedral base and an additionally sharpened top section with higher aspect ratio than conventional pyramidal AFM tips.

The OLYMPUS BL-AC40TS feature an AFM cantilever with a high nominal resonance frequency of 110kHz in air and 25kHz in liquid and a nominal force constant of 0.1N/m. An AFM cantilever with a high resonance frequency can acquire images with faster scanning speeds in AC / tapping mode measurements, reducing the time required for large area scans when searching for the site of interest.

The short AFM cantilever offers high sensitivity for force-curve measurements in liquids. With its small area it responds quickly to shape changes of bio-molecules with a short relaxation time. Additionally, it offers lower noise levels in the thermal vibration spectrum.

The holder chip does not feature alignment grooves.

A thin gold film with the thickness of 70 nm is deposited on the back side of the AFM cantilever for enhanced laser reflectivity.
AFM Tip:

  • AFM Cantilever:
  • 0.1 N/m (0.02 - 0.14 N/m)*
  • 110 kHz (75 - 145 kHz)*
  • 38 µm (35 - 41 µm)*
  • 16 µm (14 - 18 µm)*
  • 0.2 µm ( 0.18 - 0.22 µm)*
  • * typical range