AFM Probes » ISC-225C3_0-R


High-Aspect-Ratio, Tapping Mode AFM Probe

Manufacturer: Team Nanotec

Coating: Reflex Aluminum
AFM tip shape: High-Aspect-Ratio
AFM Cantilever
F 75 kHz
C 3 N/m
L 225 µm
*nominal values

ISC = Improved Super Cone

Multipurpose tip for simultaneous measurement of roughness and large step height. The tip has a fully rotational symmetry and is designend for non-contact- / tapping-mode, high resonance frequency mode. The ISC type offers an outstanding high perfomance. Each tip is SEM quality controled.

Length of the high aspect ratio portio of the tip > 7 μm; total tip height: > 9 μm. These tips with appropriate coatings are also the base for Team Nanotecs MFM and EFM tips. Team Nanotec also offer the development and manufacturing of customized shapes and coatings.

All Team Nanotec cantilevers are shipped with Aluminium - reflex coating (R). Without or special coating upon request.

AFM Tip:

  • AFM Cantilever:

  • Beam
  • 3 N/m
  • 75 kHz
  • 225 µm
  • 35 µm (32 - 38 µm)*
  • * typical range
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