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Grating with Undercut Edge Structures for Lateral Calibration and Tip Aspect Ratio Determination

Product Description

The silicon calibration grating from the TGX series is an array of square holes with sharp undercut edges formed by anisotropic etching along the (111) crystallographic planes of silicon. The typical radius of the edges is less than 5 nm.

  • pitch 3 µm, accuracy 0.1 µm
  • edge radii < 5 nm
  • step height ~ 1 µm (approximate value, not for vertical calibration purposes)
  • active area 1 x 1 mm
  • chip dimensions 5 x 5 x 0.3 mm
  • available mounted on 12 mm plate (TGX) or unmounted (TGX/NM)


The TGX calibration gratings are intended for: 

  • determination of the tip aspect ratio
  • lateral calibration of SPM scanners
  • detection of lateral non-linearity, hysteresis, creep, and cross-coupling effects

For accurate quantification of images of calibration gratings from the TGX series, we recommend using the Scanning Probe Image Processor (SPIP) designed by Image Metrology.

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