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1 661.00 USD
Mounted on steel disc
1 797.00 USD
Mounted on SEM stub
5 070.00 USD
5 343.00 USD
Traceable, mounted on SEM stub
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Calibration Specimen, 1-dimensional, 70 nm nominal period, HSQ resist (silicon oxide) on Si.

Product Description

70-1D Calibration Specimen, 1-dimensional, 70 nm nominal period (refer to certificate for actual period), HSQ resist (silicon oxide) on Si.

Substrate: Silicon about 4x3 mm.

Mounted on 15 mm diam. steel disk.

Not available unmounted!

Available mounted on SEM stub (70-1D-SEM)
Default mounting: on pin stub type A using colloidal graphite paint. 
Colloidal silver paint or adhesive carbon tab available on request.  
Carbon tab not recommended for pitch < 500 nm.
See mount descriptions.

Re-Calibration traceable to National Laboratory available for $2727.
Recertification policy: we do not clean the specimens. If our inspection shows that the specimen is not in good enough condition for recertification, we will offer you a new specimen at 80% of the original price.
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