Product » IVPS100


AFM Probe Tip characterizer: Improved Vertical Parallel Structure

Product Description

Probe tip characterizers are used to check the shape and the dimension of the probe tip.

Each cell is numbered, which facilitates recalibration at the identical position.
81 cells on 1 x 1 mm area, on 6 x 6 mm silicon chip


-Material: Silicon
-Width of line: 100 nm - actual linewidth is delivered for each chip
- Pitch: 500 nm ± 10nm
- Depth of line: ~ 1 µm
- Surface/sidewall angle: < 90° ± 0,5°
- Sidewall parallelity: < 1°
- Top corner radius: < 10 nm

Special layout makes it easy, to return with a tip always to the identical characterizer position. Many identical sites on a single characterizer chip help to increase lifetime.
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