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PNP-DB-20 Box of 20 AFM Probes
440.00 USD
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Silicon Nitride AFM Probe

Manufacturer: NanoWorld

Coating: Reflex Gold
AFM tip shape: Pyramid
This probe features multiple cantilevers
F 67 kHz
C 0.48 N/m
L 100 µm
F 17 kHz
C 0.06 N/m
L 200 µm
*nominal values


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Leading edge in sharpness and durability

The Pyrex-Nitride AFM probes have silicon nitride cantilevers with very low force constants and integrated oxide sharpened, pyramidal tips. This AFM probe series features a support chip that is made of Pyrex. Two chip versions are available: The DB series with rectangular / diving board AFM cantilevers and the TR series having triangular AFM cantilevers.

Additionally, this AFM probe offers an excellent tip radius of curvature.

All chips are pre-separated prior to shipment and come in Gel-Pak containers.

Gold Reflex Coating

The gold reflex coating consists of a 70 nm thick gold layer deposited on the detector side of the cantilevers which enhances the reflectance of the laser beam. Furthermore it prevents light from interfering within the cantilever.

As the coating is almost stress-free the bending of the cantilevers due to stress is less than 2 degrees.

AFM Tip:

  • multiple AFM Cantilevers:

    Cantilever 1
  • Beam
  • 0.48 N/m
  • 67 kHz
  • 100 µm
  • 40 µm
  • 500 nm
  • Cantilever 2
  • Beam
  • 0.06 N/m
  • 17 kHz
  • 200 µm
  • 40 µm
  • 500 nm
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