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NT_EBD-SSS_v0020-5 Box of 5 AFM Probes
650.00 USD
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SuperSharp diamond-like EBD whisker for soft tapping AFM

Manufacturer: nanotools

Coating: Reflex Aluminum
AFM tip shape: Cone Shaped, Supersharp, EBD
AFM Cantilever
F 75 kHz
C 2.8 N/m
L 225 µm
*nominal values


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SuperSharp diamond-like EBD CarbonNanoTip for soft tapping AFM. Long lifetime and imaging stability. Cost-effective alternative to the SEMI standard 'SuperSharp Enhanced-soft' with less stringent specifications.

This product features alignment grooves on the back side of the holder chip.

Al reflex

AFM Tip:

  • AFM Spike:

  • AFM Cantilever:

  • Beam
  • 2.8 N/m
  • 75 kHz
  • 225 µm
  • 28 µm
  • 3 µm
  • * typical range
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