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Diamond Coated Tapping Mode AFM Probe

Coating: Diamond
Tip shape: Standard
F 400 kHz
C 80 N/m
L 125 µm
*nominal values

NANOSENSORS™ DT-NCHR probes are designed for non-contact mode or tapping mode AFM (also known as: attractive or dynamic mode). This probe type combines high operation stability with outstanding sensitivity and fast scanning ability.

For applications that require hard contact between tip and sample this SPM probe offers a real diamond tip-side coating. This coating features extremely high wear resistance due to the unsurpassed hardness of diamond. The typical macroscopic tip radius of curvature lies is between 100 and 200 nm. Nanoroughnesses in the 10 nm regime improve the resolution on flat surfaces.

The probe offers unique features:

  • real diamond coating
  • high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity
The DT Diamond Coating is an approximately 100 nm thick coating of polycrystalline diamond on the tip-side of the cantilever leading to an unsurpassed hardness of the tip. The raman spectrum of the coating verifies the real diamond.

AFM Tip:

  • AFM Cantilever:

  • Beam
  • 80 N/m (23 - 225 N/m)*
  • 400 kHz (225 - 610 kHz)*
  • 125 µm (115 - 135 µm)*
  • 30 µm (22.5 - 37.5 µm)*
  • 4 µm (3 - 5 µm)*
  • * guaranteed range This product features alignment grooves on the back side of the holder chip.

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