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SC-35-LM-10 Box of 10 AFM Probes
SC-35-LM-40 Box of 40 AFM Probes
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SC-35-LM-80 Box of 80 AFM Probes
€3 945.00
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SC-35-LM-200 Box of 200 AFM Probes
€7 890.00
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Hard Magnetic, Low Momentum AFM Probe

Coating: Magnetic
Tip shape: Pyramid
F 75 kHz
C 2.8 N/m
L 225 µm
*nominal values

The SC-35-LM is a low moment probe designed for the imaging of soft magnetic samples and other applications that required a reduced tip field. By the use of Side Coating in combination with a low magnetization coating, the tip field is low and confined to the tip apex. The SC-35-LM is the ideal probe to study domain patterns in soft magnetic media while maintaining good topographic resolution.

Tip radius < 40 nm


AFM Tip:

  • AFM Cantilever:

  • Beam
  • 2.8 N/m
  • 75 kHz
  • 225 µm
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