What is HQ?


All MikroMasch probes have been upgraded to an improved design, called the HQ Line (High Quality Line).

“HQ” is a new series of probes distinguished by their high quality and high repeatability of characteristics, available due to a brand new manufacturing process. In particular, the probes have much more consistent reflectivity from uncoated cantilevers, tip radius and quality factor compared to our former non-HQ probes. The chips also have cut corners that allow them to be used at an angle from the vertical.
Nominal characteristics of the premium quality probes are kept close to the former non-HQ MikroMasch product line. Described  below are some of the main advantages of the improved HQ Probes.


The radius of curvature measures the sharpness of a particular probe. Typically, the sharper the curvature radius the more fragile asilicon tip is. Conversely, a larger curvature radius
provides greater durability, but reduces the benefits of a sharper tip. Achieving a consistent balance delivers reliable and accurate results. 94% of HQ probes have a radius of curvature between 7 and 10 nm.


A higher value indicates a higher aspect ratio probe. A tighter range of values indicates a more consistent tip shape. Results of the tip shape factor tests show consistent and close grouping of data. Known tip shape insures accuracy of results. 92% of HQ probes have an aspect ratio between 1.4 and 1.8.


Probes are designed to maintain a tight range of resonance frequencies. Reliability in cantilever specifications ensures dependable measurement results.