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NanoAndMore NAM BPS2022 poster

It's the last day of the exhibit at the 66th Biophysical Society Conference now happening in San Francisco!Tue Feb 22 2022

It's the last day of the exhibit at the 66th Biophysical Society Conference now happening in San Francisco!
AFM & SPM Probe questions? Stop by our booth 303
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NanoAndMore Actin filaments 250×250 nm2

Actin filaments on Mica with APTESTue Feb 08 2022

A new movie has been uploaded to the NanoAndMore AFM video gallery
Courtesy of Prof. Noriyuki Kodera, nanoLSI, Kanazawa University, Japan you can watch a new video of #AFMprobes in action in the NanoAndMore AFM video gallery.
The video shows Actin filaments on Mica with APTES. The video was taken with #HighSpeedScanningAtomicForceMicroscopy (HS-AFM) using NanoWorld Ultra-Short #AFMCantilevers of the USC-F1.2-k0.15 type

NANOSENSORS SEM image of A-Probe tuning fork, AFM cantilever and AFM tip

Akiyama-Probe (A-Probe) Motion VideoMon Feb 07 2022

Do you want to find out how the NANOSENSORS™ self-sensing and self-actuating Akiyama Probe (A-Probe) works? Then have a look at this video with its stroboscopic motion views that demonstrate how the tuning fork prongs and the AFM cantilever are really vibrating. More than 500 people have already watched it.

NanoWorld Happy New Lunar Year - news

Happy New Lunar YearTue Feb 01 2022

  We wish everyone a good start into the new lunar year of the tiger!


The NANOSENSORS screencast on the calibration service for AFM cantilevers has just reached the 1500 views mark.Sat Jan 22 2022

Accurately determined AFM cantilever properties are very important for quantitative force measurements. Force constant and resonance frequency are determined either by thermal tune, the Sader- or the dimensional method, respectively. Usually, the thermal tune method delivers the most precise values, but suffers from the fact that the AFM tip has to get in contact with the surface to calibrate the photo-detector sensitivity. This procedure may damage or break the AFM tip

NanoWorld ARROW AFM probe video thumbnail

Arrow AFM probes screencast passes 500 views markWed Jan 05 2022

The screencast about NanoWorld Arrow Silicon AFM probes held byNanoWorld AG CEO Manfred Detterbeck has just passed the 500 views mark. Congratulations Manfred!

NanoWorld Arrow™ AFM probes are designed for easy AFM tip positioning and high resolution AFM imaging and are very popular with AFM users due the highly symetric scans that are possible with these AFM probes because of their special tip shape. They fit to almost all well-known commercial SPMs (Scanning Probe Microscopes) and AFMs (Atomic Force Microscopes).

Ream more...

NANOSENSORS Season’s Greetings from NANOSENSORS AFM probes - news

Season’s Greetings from NANOSENSORS AFM probesMon Dec 20 2021

There is a snowman in the park! This is a sure sign that it is again time to wish all users of our AFM probes Happy Holidays!

Take care of yourselves. We are looking forward to a new year together with you.

MikroMasch Nobel Prize In Physics 1986

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1986Fri Dec 10 2021

The Nobel Prize ceremony traditionally takes place on December 10th. The Nobel Prize in Physics 1986 was divided, one half awarded to Ernst Ruska "for his fundamental work in electron optics, and for the design of the first electron microscope", the other half jointly to Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer "for their design of the scanning tunneling microscope."

BudgetSensors Today we remember the late Prof. Calvin Quate - news

Today we remember the late Prof. Calvin QuateTue Dec 07 2021

Today we remember the late Prof. Calvin Quate, co-inventor of the Atomic Force Microscope, who was born on this date in 1923. Binnig, Quate and Gerber constructed the first AFM in 1986. The three scientists received the Kavli Prize in 2016 in recognition of their invention.

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NanoAndMore USA booth no 609 at Materials Research Society MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit 2021Fri Dec 03 2021

The annual MRS Fall is always the sign that the holiday season and and the end of the year are not far away. So with a little piece of "fan art" we would like to say thanks to all of you who visited NanoAndMore USA booth no 609 at Materials Research Society MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit 2021. It was great to see you face to face again. Travel home safely and enjoy the holiday season.
For those of you who didn’t have the chance to visit the conference in Boston there is still the chance to visit our virtual booth from December 6 – 8, 2021