News » NanoWorld now offers PNP-TRS probes compatible for use in ScanAsyst® mode in air

Wetzlar, Germany -  February 9th 2015
NanoAndMore GmbH announced  today that NanoWorld now offers AFM tips that are compatible with the Bruker ScanAsyst® in air.

Pyrex-Nitride PNP-TRS 3D ViewThe new  NanoWorld Pyrex-Nitride PNP-TRS probes are designed for various imaging applications in contact or dynamic mode and can also be used for ScanAsyst®** mode in air.

The Pyrex-Nitride TRS AFM probes have a single silicon nitride cantilever with a very low force constant and an integrated oxide sharpened, pyramidal tip with a height of 3.5 µm. The tip is located 4 µm behind the free end of the cantilever. The probe series features a support chip that is made of Pyrex. The cantilever is stress compensated and has a gold backside coating for high laser reflectance.

All chips are pre-separated prior to shipment and come in Gel-Pak containers.

The typical tip radius of curvature is below 10 nm. The cantilever bending is below 2°.

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** ScanAsyst® is a registered trademark of Bruker Corporation