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AFM Support Chip with Alignment Grooves (backside view)
AFM Support Chip with
Alignment Grooves
(Backside View)
AFM Support Chips with Alignment Grooves

In combination with the Alignment Chip (ALIGN), probes with Alignment Grooves allow repositioning of tips with an accuracy of better than ± 2µm for the same probe type.

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Gold Coated Tapping Mode AFM Probe with REAL Tip Visibility
Coating: Gold Overall
Tip shape: Visible
F 335 kHz
C 45 N/m
L 160 µm
AFM Support Chips with XY Alignment Grooves

The XY-auto-alignment probes extend the plug-and-fit alignment concept of the Alignment Chip (ALIGN) to probes with different cantilever lengths. Probe exchange with a tip repositioning accuracy of better than ± 8 µm is possible for all probes of the XY-alignment probes series - independent of their cantilever length. This series is adjusted to the tip position of probes with a cantilever length of 225 µm.

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Contact Mode AFM Probe with Special Alignment System
Coating: Reflex Aluminum
Tip shape: Standard
F 13 kHz
C 0.2 N/m
L 450 µm